‘Time spent with the cat, never spent in the empty.’


Welcome to the cattery “Nefertee”!

For the past two decades, we have been breeding purebred cats. In 2002, in my life there was a first Abyssinian kitten and won my heart forever. This is the first cat, Nefertiti, originally from Yekaterinburg and marked the beginning of my hobby of Abyssinian now on a professional level. The Abyssinian is a special cat, falling out of conventional notions about cats in general. “Dog in a cat disguise”- it’s like nothing else describes Abyssinian – high intelligence and devotion made usually considered traits of the dog. English proverb says that “if you want to have a dog, but don’t want to walk it, then rewound the Abyssinian”. About this breed can talk endlessly, and about cats in general…

As time went on, the Abyssinian breed will forever be my number one, but the breeder always in development. I became interested in other breeds, which also suited me temperamentally. And here I stopped at the Devon Rexes. These amazing elves in curly coats with huge ears, like the wings of butterflies and curious eyes. Not cats, and she was a delight, lovely, gentle, tender, maybe a little quieter of Abyssinian, but the same high intelligence and sociable nature.

And here’s the meet the third breed is the Egyptian Mau. Grace, the sufficiency, the mystic is a great Mau. At the present moment, is one of the rarest and most desired breeds in Russia.

On the surface, it may seem that such different breeds. But…. There is no doubt that they are united. It is very affectionate, smart and loyal cat, very people-oriented, loyal to other Pets, have no aggression, playful and dynamic, easy to maintain and clean.

To learn more about each breed in the section of Abyssinian, Devon Rex, Egyptian Mau, where You can familiarize in detail with our producers in the section “Our cats” and “Our cats”. You can choose your favorite kitten in the section “kittens for sale”. Kittens from past litters can be found in the section Our kittens in new homes. And a lot of useful things you can learn reading our articles.

We are registered in FARUS, CFA, TICA .


The ancestors of our animals were purchased from the best nurseries in the USA and Europe.

We love our cats and treat them with great care and attention, all cats live with us and are part of our family. The purpose of the cattery is breeding quality litters by breed characteristics with good health and stable state of mind, people – centred, promote breeds that we deal with. Our animals and graduates regularly participate in exhibitions and confirm it.
Our cattery is veterinary care, surrender all the necessary tests (there are certificates on absence of infectious and viral diseases, genetic tests), is timely deworming and vaccination.

Cats get organic food, and professional industrial feed premium and super premium class, so they are always in great shape. Our cats are well mannered and neat, accustomed to all hygiene procedures, which is important when raising kittens.

We offer to sell only healthy, well grown kitten, socially adapted, accustomed to all hygienic procedures and claw point.
The regulation on the Deposit: RECEIPT
Kittens are moving into a new home are:

The nursery reserves the right to refuse to purchase an animal without explanation.

We know that our cats are grown up in care and attention.

And I believe that they will bring to your home happiness and good fortune and will give you the love and beauty.


Thanks Kuznetsova Marina, President of the CLA “Empire Christy” for information support, organization of exhibitions and excellent administrative work.

I Express my gratitude to Tatyana Petrova, the owner of the kennel “by Almon Dilem & Night Hunter” for the pleasant cooperation and wish further success in breeding cats.

A big thank you to Anna Utekhina, the Daria Vereshchagina, Anna Chernova, Svetlana Gladkova -professional photographers for our photo shoot.

Big thanks to my friend Irina Kalugina for assisting in the delivery of our producers from the USA to Russia.

Special thanks to my husband Sergey Sirotin, who introduced me to this amazing Abyssinian breed, for his love and support in everything, and all my large and happy family.

Angelina Sirotina

The instructor-felinolog, veterinarian.

I’m actually a cat turned into a woman…

B. Bardo