What we philosophers, if you know absolutely nothing about the origin of cats.


The modern Abyssinian cat — an exact copy image of an ancient Egyptian cat. The ancient Egyptians worshipped the sun God RA! One of his daughters Bastet (or wife, or sister) was depicted as a cat, very similar to modern abissini.

The ancestor of all the present Abyssinians considered Zula (scientific evidence) — cat imported to Britain in 1868, Madame Barrett-Lennard, wife of the captain of the British military expedition in Abyssinia (now Ethiopia). There was continued breeding work with her. In the 80-ies of the last century, registered as a breed. Now it includes eight varieties depending on the coat colour.

About the Abyssinian cat breedIn addition to the characteristic of this breed is elegant, stylish and noble lines, Abyssinian distinguished by its incomparable color of the coat. They have a spotted coat, that is each hair is painted in two or three colors, except for the muzzle, she painted stripes. This coloration has got in the inheritance from yellow African wild cat, which still lives in northeastern Africa, Israel, and Syria.

Displayed various colours of Abyssinian cats: common (apricot with black hairs create the effect of a lion’s color), Bay (brown with apricot gives Fox color), blue (hairs painted in the color of oatmeal and blue) and color of a young deer (yellowish-brown), chocolate mauve (lilac), red, cream and tortie (although not all of them are recognized).

The Abyssinians possess a wonderful balanced character and mind. They are sociable, lively temperament, inquisitive, interested in everything going on. These cats love company, human or feline, but they prefer to belong to one owner, and if he is a homebody, it’s appropriate for the Abyssinian, who pays for the communication touching friendship and love. This is a very intelligent, active animals and are often avid hunters. And although they are happy to give out their energy on the street, at home, surrounded by caring, too, will be quite happy. They are easy to care for — often all that is required is just Pat, but if once a week to comb their fur, they will look best.

Recent years all the more noticeable difference in the type Abyssinian American and European breeding. As a result now have a situation where there are two breed types: American and European, and this despite the fact that the breed standards in CFA and WCF are almost identical.

Animals American blood have lighter bones, larger, lower and wider set ears, strong chin less, shorter and fine ticked coat, with less well-developed undercoat. Animals of European lines have kept the smooth lines and proportions of cats with Egyptian frescoes. And, of course, a remarkable feature of Europeans is “smile”.