“Cat’s company enjoyable to me because they love the comfort.”

Sir Compton Mackenzie

About the breed “Devon Rex”

Cat Devonshire Rex is a wonderful establishment that anyone resembles a small elf with huge ears-butterflies, someone alien creature that had flown to Earth from distant worlds. According to the story, Devon has appeared in 60-ies of the last century based on natural mutations in wild cats. They originate from the curly feral cat roaming the barns the English County of Devonshire. Breeding work has led to a new breed of, has received, by a place name, the name of the Devon Rex.

Devon Rex – a cat of medium size, fairly well muscled, but graceful.

Alonso Gentle Ringlet фото 4Her coat is very short, thin, wavy and soft. Mustache and whiskers are also curly. The colors are very diverse, some of them are very rare, such as the other hand (the Siamese) and chocolate. But even experienced breeders can not immediately understand what colours were born to his cat kittens. As they get older color more clearly defined, but sometimes remains controversial. Head is a short wedge. Cheeks are highlighted with rounded whisker pads. The ears are large, very low set, wide at base and rounded at the ends, covered with very soft, fine wool, and sometimes without it, the ends can be brush. Eyes large, oval. Eye color can be anything, but the look is very expressive.

Body slender, strong, broad, muscular chest. The legs are long and thin, with small oval ends. The tail is long, thin, covered with short, thick and curly hair, curled at the end.

Devon Rex are not the only curly-haired cat, there are others: the Cornish Rex, Ural Rex, German Rex. All Rex combines curly hair and a mustache, but the gene mutation at all different. Interestingly, when crossed Rex various breeds curliness of wool is not saved.

About the breed "Devon Rex"The absence of representatives of the health of this breed does not suffer. But if you decide to do their cultivation, it will be recalled that the representatives of the Devon Rex are distinguished by the presence of two blood types – A and B. Hence, there are certain subtleties in the selection of parental pairs and raising kittens.

Cat Devon copes with childbirth alone, in a litter is usually 3-4 kittens. The kittens are developing rapidly, the eyes open at day 3-6.

There is a perception that the Devon Rex does not cause allergies. But this is not true, there are no cats and no animals at all, which would be completely hypoallergen.

Although, of course, a cat with short hair are less likely to cause allergies of people for whom the allergen is wool. But usually the allergen is a substance that is found in the saliva of cats. So if you have doubts about the Allergy, then just spend some time in the company of a Devon Rex and watch the reaction of your body.