“The way we treat cats on earth determines our status in heaven”

Robert A. Heinlein

Abyssinian cats

“Cats do not love only those who haven’t met my cat. ”
Deborah A. Edwars

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The Abyssinian cat is said to have occurred from a cat named Zula, brought to England by Captain Barrett Leonard when he returned from service in the Abyssinian wars in 1860’s. Apparently, he brought two cats, but Zula was the only survivor. For the first time the Abyssinians were shown at the Crystal Palace in 1871, since then the breed has become one of the original breeds of cats. Almost every Abyssinian in the world is derived from cats bred in the UK.

A recent study suggests that the domestic cat first lived with humans in the Middle East about 130,000 years ago. Undoubtedly, the Egyptians regarded the cat, forbade its export from Egypt and established temples in her honor. Egyptian cats were mummified by the thousands. Many Abyssinian cats and kittens were brought to Liverpool in the nineteenth century, robbers of the Egyptian pyramids. In Liverpool in the Club Abyssinian cat is one of those mummified cats as its mascot.

Status of cats in Egypt came from its ability to protect the grain collected in the Nile valley. The Egyptians also used cats in hunting, as different murals testify to this. Usual Abyssinian has a great resemblance to the Egyptian statues or frescoes.

The Roman conquest of Egypt put an end to the ban on the export of Abyssinian cats. When the Romans discovered that the British climate was extremely favourable to grow wheat, which they had to feed his army. The descendants of cats brought from Egypt, were used to guard granaries in the UK. These colonies of cats survived the Roman occupation of Britain and it is possible that our Abysinian may be descendants of these cats!