A wonderful Abyssinian kitten of wild color waited for you! Yes, yes, it is your call she is waiting for, ready to move to your house at any time. Kind and affectionate Abyssinian kitten of wild color is accustomed to the tray and kittens. Look below at the photographs of her – just lovely!

Abyssinian kitten

Were you dreaming of buying an Abyssinian kitty of wild color? Your dream has come true!

How to buy Abyssinian kitty in the cattery of cats Nefertee? We constantly explain how easy it is to buy a kitten in our kennel, and again we want to repeat everything that needs to be done to make this unique kitten move to live in your house, in your family.

  1. To buy Abyssinian kitty in the cattery Nefertee call one of the phones that are on the page “Contacts.”
  2. Write to us at the mail of the cattery Nefertee and tell us what kind of kitten you liked.
  3. You can buy Abyssinian kitty in our kennel by filling out the application form on the same page “Contacts”
We will answer you as soon as possible and tell you how much this or that kitten costs, because in each case a special approach.

Photo of a kitty of Abyssinian breed. Color: wild

Abyssinian kitten