The breed standards Egyptian Mau is the same for all felinological systems.

The overall impression

egiptian mauEgyptian Mau is a natural shorthaired domestic cat breed in spotted color. Graceful body well muscled, but at the same time elegant, medium size. The weight of the female – 3-4 kg., weight male 4-6 kg.Is very active, strong beautiful cat. Estimated overall balance of physical development and temperament of a cat, not a specific size.Temper is very important when assessing the cat.


Body slightly elongate, of medium size, muscular, slender and elegant. On the belly between the rear legs loose fold of skin. Body balance is more important than size. Allowed developed neck and shoulders in adult males.

Limbs of medium length with a proportionally long back legs, good bone with very strong muscles. Hind legs longer than the front, but bent so that the back looked smooth.

Paws slightly oval, can be round. Small in size, with longer toes on the hind feet . On the front legs — 5 back to 4. Tail of medium length, medium thickness at the base, with decreasing thickness to a pointed conical tip.

An unusual feature of cats breed Egyptian Mau are small, hanging down below her belly, the folds of the bags in front of the rear legs..


Head a modified wedge with soft contours without any flat surfaces.

Cheeks are not full, gently rises from the bridge of the nose to the forehead and then smoothly flows without breaks. The nose is evenly broad throughout its length. Allowed pronounced jaw in adult males.

Muzzle of medium length, not pointed. Should fit into the lines of the head. The chin is strong, but not protruding.


Medium to medium large, moderately pointed, set sufficiently wide apart, cupped the base of the ear is quite broad and covering the head from behind. The distance between the ears is not small. Set with slight tilt forward, alert. Ears covered with short close fitting coat, the ends of the ears can be brush, like a lynx.


The eyes are large and almond-shaped. Are at a slight angle. Neither round nor Oriental type.


Shorthair the coat is short and medium length hairs agouti with two bands of ticking. The hair should not be too short and thick (like Britanov)

The texture of the bronze and silver elastic, quite soft, not hard (not as soft as in Bengal), adjoining, the Smoke is smooth, silky, close-lying.


There should be good contrast between the main color and color pattern. Forehead necessarily figure in the form of the letter “M”, then the inverted letter “M”. Together they form the sign of “the scarab”. From this figure the neck are strips, which are then torn in spots. Along the spine the spots coalesce into a line that goes to the line on the tail. On the tail are the ring, the tip is definitely black . On the muzzle there are two lines: one from the corner of the eye, the second from the middle of the cheek are slightly curved toward the lower edge of the ear. The neck has one or more broken necklaces. On the shoulders of the figure may be in the form of spots or stripes. On the front foot at the top of the strip ( but not necessary) next spot. On the thighs there are bands that then pass in spots. Spots on the body are random, they may not be the same shape and size. Drawing on the different sides, but the spots should not form vertical stripes (mackerel). On the abdomen are spots that should have good contrast with the main color, between the forelimbs and in the groin of the figure.


Silver is the main color from light gray to gray, from dark gray to black with good contrast. The ears are pinkish-gray with dark tips. The throat, chin, around the nostrils, around the eyes is white, eye rims, nose, mouth — black.

Bronze – the basic tone of dark brown on his back, rolling in light to ivory towards the belly. The pattern is dark brown in color. The ears are pinkish-brown, at the ends dark brown. The bridge of the nose — buff. The throat, chin, around the nostrils, around the eyes cream.

Smoke is the main color from dark gray to almost black with a silver undercoat with no ticking. All markings are black, with contrast to the main background, definitely visible.

Occasionally there are cats with small and numerous spots, the so — called “trout” pattern. Sometimes born black Mau, and marble. This color is called “wild”. They are not admitted to the exhibition.


Short or round head, pointed muzzle, small, round or Oriental eyes, cobby or Oriental body type, short or thin tail, a closed necklace, stripes on body, no spots on belly, no green eyes, older than 8 months and the presence of yellow color in the eyes after 1.5 years. Poor overall condition.


The lack of spots, blue eyes, no green color in the gases after 1.5 years, the stain or the pink color on the paws, any incorrect tail, a white medallion or any other not matching the color described in the standard , incorrect number of toes.

Mating with other breeds is prohibited, i.e., the Egyptian Mau is a closed breed.