Grooming abissinian cat requires minimal effort. Enough periodically, not more often than once a week, to comb the hair with using a metal comb with frequent teeth.


Water many of the Abyssinian cats love, so washing them is not difficult. Before a bath, it is desirable to cut the claws. Wash the cat, holding her legs, followed by a warm water in a basin or the sink, not the shower, changing the water several times. After soaping special cat shampoo (without conditioner) you must be thoroughly washed off the foam, rinsing the cat at least three times in clean water. Washing can be recommended as a way to accelerate the removal of the old wool during the molt.


All cats love to sharpen claws. To avoid problems with damage furniture, it is advisable to buy at the pet store special “kogtedralku”. In addition, once in two weeks, carefully to cut off the sharp tips of the claws with special shears.


Abyssinian cats easily learn to use a cat toilet. They are very clean and demanding to maintain order in their toilet.

Care Abyssinian cats is not complicated,usually does not cause trouble to their owners.Most importantly attentive to the health of your pet, timely deworming and vaccination.In no case, do not let the animal for a walk unattended,it can lead to irreparable consequences.If You follow these simple rules, your cat will live a long happy life and will give you many joyful moments and all of his feline love,because “MEOW” caresses the heart.