“The cat washes behind his ears – wait for rain” English omen

Care of breed “Devon Rex”

Devon Rex cat with curly though, but still with short hair, which sheds little, so it is not too demanding in terms of care and needs only occasional combing. However, bathing of Devon, as well as the other Rexes and Sphynxes as frequently as possible. Cat Devon Rex color mink 1 Otherwise due to sebaceous secretion, they become sticky and “odorous”. Even worse, when due to lack of hygiene you may experience skin diseases. Care of breed Devon RexBathing these cats tolerate well, if this is done regularly, they get used to them and don’t protest, many really liked the procedure.

Also need to care for their large ears, they should be rubbed with a lotion for hygienic treatment – to hear and eyes to see better (it’s a joke of course). Some of Reksikov polluted chin, it is also necessary to watch to prevent formation of black spots-acne. Overall, these cats like, when cared for, they begin to rattle like a tractor. Hum, even when they cut the claws!

If you are going to love and caress the cat, it will live a long happy life, giving many joyful moments and all of his feline love. Nothing like a gentle “meow” so doesn’t caress the heart!