Good morning, Angelina Aleksandrovna. Send you the picture of the kitty and want to talk a little bit about him:

Full name is Michelangelo, but everyone calls him Mickey. With the arrival prefers to sit on your hand or sleep on the person’s shoulder (in the picture where the kitty is sleeping on your shoulder — that’s the 2nd or 3rd day from the arrival). As for normal sleep, Mickey is sleeping exclusively on someone, preferably on the head. Since it’s getting colder, he began to get under the covers and laying my head on the pillow. And at home he made himself at home quite quickly.

Cat is very active, talkative and friendly. Hissed only once at the time of chipping. Loves to play and even brings the toy back, really do not put in hand, but we are working on it. If you move the toilet from where he usually stands, the cat will return it to its original position. From the floor, climbs on the shoulder of a person as a tree, and makes a lot of interesting things that, unfortunately, I now can’t remember.

Do not like to wash, but not yelling and tolerate when it washed. Mainly inhabits in the same room as that person, and trying to do the same. Sometimes walks around the dining table, from which we are trying to wean, but I can’t.

To me personally, the kitty love that is hard to put into words. He is very smart, loving and always goes for the man. I am very pleased.

Michelangelo — the cat in white color. Owner — Alexey Dorofeev

Michelangelo — the cat in white colorMichelangelo — the cat in white color