You asked before the question: “Cats and cats – right-handed or left-handed? Is my cat right-handed or left-handed? “. For a long time, research has been carried out on the identification of which of the cats and cats is “right handed” and who is left-handed. This time scientists from the University of Queens in Ireland have observed almost half a hundred moustached striped. Tests showed interesting results. For example, when cats and cats were given food, 73% fluffy used a certain paw, and in 70% of cases – took a step to get to the delicacy, and 66% – stepped over the obstacle.

Is your cat right-handed or left-handed?Is the cat right-handed or left-handed?

Cats and cats differ from people in that they have left-handers and right-handers almost equally. Angelina Sirotina, the owner of the cattery Nefertee cats of rare breeds, gave her a comment MK –

A surprising fact – cats in most cases are right-handed, and cats – left-handed.Expert felinologist Angelina Sirotina commented:– In spite of the fact that in some animals the hemisphere of the brain develops depending on the paw used, this does not affect the character, and even more so it is not worthwhile to retrain your pet from the right-hander to the lefty. For an animal it does not matter what kind of limb to perform its actions. As for the behavior of a cat, it is formed depending on the environment and the initial skills received from the mother, and the development of a particular area of ​​the brain does not affect it.