On the cost of pedigreed kittens

Wanting to buy a purebred animal, it is very difficult sometimes to understand why the cost of a kitten of the same breed may at times be different, even going to the ad Board on the sale of animals at once will be lost and the question arises – why such different prices.

A pedigreed kitten can’t be cheap – it is an axiom.

Purebred kitten is currently at an average of 20,000 rubles and above depending on the breed.

And there are a number of reasons.
1.Correctly matched parent pairs, manufacturers are purchased by breeders are expensive, often need blood are imported from abroad.

Sometimes use the services of friendly cats from catteries, in which case binding is equal to the cost of a kitten, and even higher.

Professional breeders do not seek to replicate their blood lines, so the majority of kittens are offered as Pets of the elite, without the right of cultivation, i.e. at a lower (relative) cost.

2. Manufacturers are tested for genetic and viral diseases, not to mention the preventive measures like vaccination and other, which is necessary for healthy and strong offspring, are on the veterinary service.

3. Animals are kept on expensive professional feed premium and super premium class, get organic supplements and vitamins.

4. Have a lot of inventory for the maintenance, care and growing kittens, such as carrying, scratching posts, beds, toys, toilet articles (nail clipper, brushes, trimmers), etc., as well.

5. Participation in exhibitions – special article. To confirm their breed status and competitiveness of the animals must participate in exhibitions, but it is an expensive pleasure. Again a bunch of related expenses (exhibition tents, certificates, shampoos, combs, sprays, powders, etc)

6. Pregnancy and childbirth -includes proper food cats, ultrasound, vitamins, obstetrics, up to a caesarean section.

7. Growing kittens – a lot of diapers, toys, pots, filler, further deworming and vaccination, rearing up to 3 months of age.

Here’s the short list of necessary expenses that the kittens were full grown. Add to this another time and the work of the breeder, which is to calculate and impossible to estimate.

Result – we have purebred, healthy and social kittens who are accustomed to chewing solid food and all hygiene procedures, ready to move in new families the joy of the people.

And now answer yourself: this kitty can be cheap?

But there is another way.

Sold on occasion the cat is of low quality, possibly without pedigree, a couple of her cat is to groom the ad “cheap”, is not known with what diseases, animals are not tested, not vaccinated (the owners often do not know that it is necessary), feeding the animals fodder economy class.

Born “purebred” kittens, which are not do conduct deworming and do them in their spare time, they are offered for sale in 1.5 months, the announcement may be generally somebody else’s photos, but these kittens are CHEAP.

What kitten do You want?


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