Meet (see photo below) with kitty Devon Rex surprisingly beautiful color “Calico”. Our cattery of rare breeds does not only breed the Devon Rex, look at the main page for acquaintance with other representatives of the cat world in our cattery. Devon rex kitty calico color, presented below in the photo gallery, is waiting for its new owners. Age of kittens Devon Rex, which are presented today on the site – from 1.5 to 3 months. For Devon Rex kittens that interest you, specify age and cost by phone or by email.

Kitty Devon Rex, calico color. Photo gallery

Do not be shy, click on the photos of the kitty and consider in more detail. Devon rex kitty calico is already fully socialized. Reserve and buy Devon Rex kittens in our cattery – it’s the purity of the breed, the careful control of the vet, delivery anywhere in the world. Do you like kitty devon rex with calico color? Do not delay the call or writing an email for tomorrow!