Feeding newborn kittens.

Your cat brought a litter, and became a mother. Animals by nature are very highly developed maternal instinct and the cat feeds kittens on their own, warms them with its warmth and watching their hygiene. The best food in this situation for the newborn kitten will the mother’s milk.

But there are times when it becomes impossible. The reasons may be different – a cat died in childbirth, the lack of milk from cat mom, cat for the first time giving birth and her maternal instinct is underdeveloped, weak or sick kittens, etc. Of course it is best to urgently find another and put the kittens to her.

However, it is not always possible to find such an option. And you have to feed the kittens yourself.

Care for a newborn kitten is no less demanding than the care of the newborn child.

Kitten born blind and deaf, but has a sharp sense of touch and smell, and already from the first minutes of his life, starts looking for their mother’s teats. The weight of a healthy newborn kitten 95-130 grams depending on breed, body temperature in the first week of life approximately 35градусов. If the cat rejects the kittens, and she’s got no milk, kittens should remain with her mother, so she warmed them and licked. If this is not possible, kittens should be kept in the so-called “nest”. Perfect spacious box, which creates shade, but must have free access to humans. Put on one side of the bottom of the heating pad, the second part of the bottom must remain unheated so that the kittens could adjust the heat setting. Cover with a clean diaper. Best absorbent diaper, changing when dirty. This is very important, keeping kids warm, clean and quiet.

The mixture for feeding

Feeding newborn kittensJohn the Abyssinian cat ruddy color 2B sale there are special ready — mix-feline milk substitutes. Any of such mixtures is suitable for artificial feeding. You can buy them at the Pet store. Read the instructions carefully, and how to cook it. Use only clean utensils and wash your hands before you prepare the mixture and to take the kittens in his hands. Before each feeding dilute new portion of the mixture. Use warm boiled water.

You can prepare a mixture by using goat’s milk, diluted it with water, first in the proportion of 1:3, after a few days of 1:2.

Feed the kitten the best from a special bottle or syringe without a needle.

Take the kitten in his hands, hold it in a horizontal position, slightly lifting the head, apply a drop of the mixture to it. A healthy kitten begins to actively suck, as soon as the mixture hits him in the mouth. For one feeding kitten sucks about 1-1,5 ml of the mixture, with each day increasing the number of mixtures. To hurry, to force feed the kitten, because he could choke. Chilled kitten to feed it is impossible. But if it happened, then it must first warm up and then begin feeding.

How often to feed kittens?

In the first week of the kittens are fed every 2 hours day and night, further increasing the interval to 3 hours and more as you development and growth. Be sure to weigh the kittens, they must constantly gain weight. Every week the kitten is gaining weight 100 gr. Kittens get used to your hands and begin to recognize them by the smell, begin to bustle and squeak when you get them in hand, can the thumb sucking, it is so touching.

Newborn babies can’t self-evacuate, they need stimulation. Under normal conditions the mother cat starts to lick the kittens from the muzzle, going down her tummy and ending with the anus to take out all the waste. So after feeding it is necessary to massage the abdomen and a moist cloth to stimulate the release of urine and feces, otherwise the kitten will be stagnant and will begin to intoxication. All this must be done with care and accuracy.

Happy well-fed kittens sleeping peacefully, if they do not concerned. If the kittens are actively moving, lots of squeak, it is a sign of starvation (or insufficient nutrition mixture), or can be digestive problems or other pathologies. In this case, it is necessary to show the kittens the veterinarian.

All mammals are born under normal conditions immediately after birth receive from their mother’s colostrum, it is a very valuable product, which contains antibodies to many diseases, which provide colostral  immunity. In case of artificial feeding kittens more vulnerable and the immune system may be weaker. There are times when kittens are feeding, but do not gain weight, they are becoming dehydrated and formed the so-called “syndrome of decay”, the kitten is ebbing away and help him anymore. The kittens all the process is rapid, it is therefore very important to carefully monitor any changes in kittens and in time will appeal to the specialist.

The first three weeks the kittens only eat and sleep, moving slightly.

But here comes the next stage, when kittens begin timidly to stand up and try to get out of the nest. First, they move next to the nest, but gradually expand the halo and it is here that we must show care, so they begin to spread in different directions and there is a chance to step on this fast or to crush him by any subject.

The period of three to four weeks is typical of large changes, since in this period the kittens are beginning to explore the world, play each other, try to self-feed . At this point, and it is necessary to accustom them to the tray. Too many events at once, isn’t it?

You start feeding kittens? Gradually blend in milk can be baby dairy-free porridge type “Nestle” or “Heinz”, making it liquid first, then gradually more dense. Suitable raw frozen meat (beef, veal), the so-called stroganina ( scratching from frozen pieces), kittens readily eat it. It is possible to offer children’s classic curds, industrial canned food for kittens or meat baby food. The main thing to remember that new products are introduced gradually and in small portions so as not to disrupt the gastrointestinal tract. For one feeding can be given either a meat or dairy food, cannot be mixed!

After each feeding the kittens landed on the tray with the filling, you can use any clumping or absorbing. The first tray is selected with a low rim that the kittens were able to climb it. The cat is by nature clean, so the problems with the tray usually does not occur. Keep the tray clean. Dirty tray kittens can be ignored. If the cat went out the wrong way, that in no case it is not necessary to punish him, just blot the puddle with toilet paper and put it in the tray.

Kittens grow, play, learn something new, it is important to teach the skills of living with people. You should cut nails, clean ears, put a scratching post, buy toys (better “rods”) to have the kittens been easier to find a new owners and move into a new house.

Here we are already 1.5 months, we are quite large! Now we need to take care of preventive measures – to get rid of worms in 2 months to go on consultation to the doctor and get vaccinated first.

That says it all 🙂

Of course, to grow healthy strong kittens man is not so easy, because everyone needs it species the mother – cat kitten, hen the chicken, woman-child, but that’s not necessarily true… If you have taken such care, then your efforts will be rewarded by a mass of happy moments, which will grant you the being who gave you Life.

Health to You and Your Pets!


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