Getting a kitten

So you’ve decided to make a kitten, all carefully thought out, weighed all “pros” and “cons”.

Getting a kittenFirst step is the choice of breed. Of course, the first thing we would like to focus it exterior future visitors, i.e. the appearance of a cat. Someone likes big and fluffy, someone a small and short-haired is such a great variety of rocks! If you visit a major exhibition of cats, the eyes diverge. But… the appearance of cats is not the main thing that can attract or repel future owner. Cats, like people have their own temperament, which is conditioned by a particular breed, gender, and the environment in which was born and bred kitten, so the choice of “his” kitten should be treated very carefully.

But first things first.

The first step is done – the breed is selected externally, now read in detail about the nature and characteristics of your chosen animal, whether it is suitable for you personally whether your temperaments, as temperament pedigree cats genetically. Have a fun, active and noisy, scurrying and ubiquitous, and there is a modest and silent, not really loving the game and human interaction is just a cat in the house so to speak. Someone like that. Again, cats have different habits. Say cats are more attached to people, more affectionate and loyal (assuming the castration, reproductive we do not consider), and cats are more capricious, with some degree of bitchiness. But it’s all relative of course. After all, any animal that is purchased for the house, on the pillow implies castration. Read more about it.

How to get this kitten?Here you choose the breed and sex animal, read a lot of useful information, visited sites cat clubs and catteries, as well as a lot of message boards about the sale of animals and ready in the near future to get a kitten, the next question is where to buy the best, most healthy and most pedigreed kitten? It is very difficult not to get lost from so many different kittens for a variety of prices.

First of all it is necessary to study the market very carefully. Of course it is better to purchase a purebred professional in the nursery, where breeders have been breeding cats with skill, who are trained, many are experts and veterinary doctors. Of course the nurseries, too, are different, but the majority of that exist a long time have a decent reputation. Breeder intelligently selects parental pairs, taking into account peculiarities of individuals, to get the best result to secure the breed quality and to avoid pitfalls, use only a proven health of animals with a stable psyche and good temper. You will receive comprehensive answers to all your questions regarding breed characteristics, care and feeding.

In the nursery you will be offered a kitten not younger than 3 months. because to this age the kitten is completely ready to relocate, namely:

  • translated into self-powered and does not depend on the cat – mother, some breeds, such as Abyssinian and Devon Rex, kittens just trying! To eat their own to 1.5 months, and basically just suck mother
  • fully accustomed to the tray and will not have a problem with it in the future
  • deworming and passed the full course of vaccination
  • got all the skills from their parents species and the people who secured it, to live in society.

How to get this kitten?

You should choose catteries, which you instilled confidence, to communicate with their owners by defining in advance your goals and learn about the availability of kittens, to arrange a meeting and explore.

Considering the purpose of the acquisition kittens are divided into classes:

  • Show – show class reproductive animal, but there is a Show neuter
  • Brides – class of animal used for breeding, it is more likely cats.
  • Pet the animal on the “cushion” regardless of its quality.

In the nursery, which cares for its breeding work 90% of the kittens offered as pet – class as a luxury pet.

But if you decided to engage in breeding that involves the presence of a large temporal and a material resource, then inform the breeder immediately.

Don’t plan on one day visits to several nurseries, not to be carriers of the microflora from one nursery to another and it is better to stop for no more than 2-3. Although experience shows that the kitten is purchased in the first decent place.

Pay attention to the breeder, neatness of the premises and the condition of the animals themselves, as they meet you.
Very often in the popular catteries kittens available ready to move no, all kittens are reserved in advance, so if you need the kitten to a certain date, then you should take care in advance. In this case, you are choosing a kitten, make him advance and agree on the time of the move, and in full confidence that your kitten will go home and prepare everything you need.

Avoid purchasing kittens Bird markets, pet stores and private ads.

But the choice is yours.

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