Gorgeous kitten of the breed Chausie. Now this kitten is waiting for you in the cattery of cats of exotic breeds Nefertee in Moscow. Buy kitten Chausie can not only a resident of Russia, a cattery of cats Nefertee sells its kittens abroad: Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia – anywhere in the world!

We offer you to buy kitten Chausie

Kitty is already familiar with the litter box. Keep the tray clean, since cats are very specific in hygiene of bathrooms, and a dirty box can cause them to start using other places in the house instead.  Cattery Nefertte is ready to transport a kitty to your home: USA, Europe, Australia, China or any other country. Contact us by email: nefertee@yandex.ruSurprisingly beautiful photos of the kitten Chausie. buy kitten Chausiekitten Chausie