Cat breed Egyptian Mau silver color. Find out by calling us, is it possible to buy a kitten of breed Egyptian Mau right now.

Kitty Egyptian Mau silver color

You do not like the price of a kitten Egyptian Mau in the UK? We offer you to buy a kitten Egyptian Mau in Moscow. The cost of moving a kitten into your home from Russia, and the cost of the kitten will cost you cheaper than to buy a kitten Egyptian Mau in the UK, Germany or Poland.Kitty Egyptian Mau silver color           Kitty Egyptian Mau silver colorThe cost of a kitten Egyptian Mau is much lower than in the UK, Germany, Czech Republic. Buy Egyptian Mau kitten for breeding in Moscow or the content you will be cheaper than at home.kitten Egyptian Mau           kitten Egyptian Mau

We already bought kittens Egyptian Mau from Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Poland, France. We hope you give us a call or write, we’ll tell you how to buy the Egyptian Mau in our cattery. All kittens live with us in the house, vaccinated, documents prepared for the move.