Hello, Angelina. In 2011 our family came two beautiful Abyssinian cat ruddy color of your nursery-Simon and Max. In may 2015 to our house on a motorcycle to carry they brought another cat sorrel color – Yasha. the Abyssinian photo 1 Simon, Max and Arkashka is red ,warm sun! Now we have three wonderful kitty! Each one has its own character: Max (nicknamed the Professor) — the thickest, weighs 5 kg, loves to eat and sleep, does not like to sit on his hands. Simon (alias Sigismund) is an intellectual, not eating together from one bowl, requires a separate invitation to the table. In the spring Simon and Max had a personal fitness trainer -Yasha. Classes start from 6 a.m., the three of us running from the room to the loggia, in the kitchen, and at great speed into the bedroom with the drifts in the corners. At this point they are on the way not to get better. Smarter and kinder the Abyssinians , probably not.

Easily cut the nails, clean the ears and bathe. For convenience, put 3 trays and bought another Playground. Feed dried and canned food, I love a good fermented baked milk, quail eggs and boiled meat as a delicacy. Sleep with us , love to kiss, growl at strangers, bring toys and all the gang stealing food from the table, it is necessary only to turn away. Simon has set a record in stealing — stealing from the table bought a loaf of white bread and dragged him into the bedroom under the bed. And Yasha, though small, can still steal out of the closet and the sweater to hide it. By nature he is like the smartest dog!

  Thank You, Angelina for these adorable little cuties. They brighten our lives! Sergey and Marina, Mytischi.Max, Simon and Yasha, the owners Sergei and Marina, MytischiMax, Simon and Yasha, the owners Sergei and Marina, Mytischi