The kitten is extremely active and very curious. Now we have learned to go to the bathroom on the toilet. Don’t miss the opportunity to jump in the sink when there is someone washing his hands. Especially loves to wash his paws when tap water flows. Medea - cat ruddy colorTo tie my shoes without her is not possible. Any work around the house, it is here. Everyone should check and see. As it is, without doing something, it is always necessary to understand. Or something eat, cook. Be sure to check. Maybe it’s something tasty. Usually feed on a schedule, it knows when to turn on the music on the tape, it’s time to get up and Wake me up. Jumps on top of the blanket and begins to walk. Sometimes I will bring in the teeth of the toy and begins to play. If this does not help, then starts to lick my nose, cheeks.

Medea - cat ruddy color