Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of communicating with these mysterious lovely creatures, can not fail to appreciate their character. They are smart and quick-witted, literally overtakes your thoughts and wishes in dealing with you, easy to remember commands that bring the subjects accustomed to the leash. Faithful and loyal to the owners, they are very attached to people and do not like when they are left alone for long periods of time. Very friendly and affectionate not only to human beings but to other animals, from Guinea pigs to large breed dogs, extremely playful and cheerful. But their relatives they emit from the crowd.

Nature of breed “Devon Rex”

Devon-Devon is the best friend and companion. Therefore, it is desirable to think in advance about the company, so that the cat does not get bored in your absence…

It is often said that these creatures are something of a cross between a cat, dog and monkey. The way it is!

кошечка девон-рекс каликоFrom the dog they took affection and devotion, from apes is the ability to get into all the most unexpected places (but nothing is not dropping and not destroying!) and the most difficult to access handle and latch, but from the cat (because the cat is in actual fact) – Devon retain their independence and dignity.

Curious Devon Rex knows no bounds. The cat may follow the owner of the tail, checking everything that he has done right, and caressing “butting” all of his flexible body, and may sit somewhere on the sidelines and watch its smart living, wide-open eyes, at times cheering on people with their purring or growling. And we love to grumble about! Talking long on the phone or with other family members, you will be under relentless and invisible control, and if you don’t pay your pet attention, you risk to hear a sudden “meow!” right in my ear. But, nevertheless, more delicate and trusting cat it is hard to imagine. If you are not in a good mood, empathetic friend is not Intrusive, will not bother with games or caresses. He will calmly wait, when you first go on contact.

Devon Rex – large gourmets, along with the usual cat food, many are addicted to fruit, such as bananas and cantaloupe, can someone sneak in the kitchen pickles or even lick chocolate frosting with cookies, the owner inadvertently forgotten on the table. Here it is necessary to be very careful because a lot of what can gobble up the kitty, I will not go in his favor, and will cause allergies, now he himself or even worse – poisoning.

Devon Rex cats fine live in city apartments without requiring spaces for all its mobility and special adaptations, for all its playfulness. Toys for them can be anything: pens, pencils, erasers, rustling bags, even money and jewelry. All cats can carry in his mouth, a little growl if someone wants to take it.

While playing, they sometimes will saracut your toy so that it will be difficult to find. Therefore, all that you cherish, must be kept well away from the eyes of the furry varmint. By the way, these cats are very organized and accustom to order all households: people not throwing their things anywhere. The cat will sleep with the owner in an embrace, but if this is unacceptable, she will take advantage of a free chair, or sunbed.

But at the cottage in Devon Rex needs permanent control. These cats are born hunters, capable of overcoming great distances and obstacles.

However, they can get lost and get into trouble, chasing their prey, such as a butterfly or grasshopper.

Summarizing, it can be noted that the Devon Rex is now very popular all over the world. They can be considered one of the most convenient and adapted to modern man breeds cats (of course, not counting those who think that the cat should always sleep on the couch).

If you decide to get a faithful friend who will be responsive to your mood, be put in any situation, then this is the cat for you!

They say that cats get used more to the house than to the people. The Devon is not the case.