“When I play with the cat, who knows — maybe it’s me for her entertainment, not her for me?” Montaigne

Egyptian Mau is a very active and sociable and loyal cat, very smart and funny, who does not like loneliness. Constantly playing and interested in everything, than is engaged the owner, they love and want to be part of all cases. Mau is very affectionate, but unobtrusive, this is a cat with dignity. Loves to stroll in the society of the owner and easily becomes accustomed to the leash.

Nature of breed "Egyptian Mau"Most Mau love to spend time with their favorite masters, especially if they actively played with them. Curiosity is born ahead of the cats, everything should be examined and tested for taste. The great hunters – they love to chase flies and butterflies, and catch mice. Mau love toys, constantly watch them, and if they are removed, they are bound to find them. Fishing rods, balls, mice – all this is perfect for playing games with these randy. These cats are not too talkative and not at all grouchy, but if Egyptian Mau need something, we will definitely let you know. When they want to say something, they begin to wag their tails and emit a lot of funny sounds. Mau loves high places in the house, they are very attentive, love to watch the masters from a height, quickly learning to open doors.

Most Egyptian indifferent to water, love to drink from the tap or play the paw with running water. Cats Mau is the perfect mother. Often cats help care for the kittens. There are cases when cats help the cat during childbirth. Both parents care for their offspring, feed the kittens and give them all the necessary skills. Carrying Egyptian Mau kittens longer than other cat pregnancy lasts until seventy-three days.

If you decide to buy a true friend that will be responsive to your mood, be put in any situation (after all, they say cats get used more to the house than to the people-to Mau is not the case), then this cat is for you.