Our new friend a very open and gentle. Clever, because once went to the toilet in the right place. Corny, but you have to admire its amazing appearance. One great aesthetic pleasure just to behold him and enjoy the flexibility, grace and intelligence. Because he’s very curious, can not do without the little mischief, because all he need to know everything and look everywhere. But all this does not matter when pressed against its warm body and feel the love 🙂 He gives us a lot of pleasure from the opportunity to play with them or watch funny sophisticated posture during sleep, amuses your fancy flirting with a large mirror in the living room, and even sometimes makes paws massage. In General, one big love at home. And his fur is incredible tenderness and delicacy — it is something! Special thanks to Angelina for advice at any time of the day by all our meticulous and detail matters!

Thank you from all my heart!

Oscar — kitty white color, the owner of Taras, Burgas (Bulgaria)

Oscar — kitty white colorOscar — kitty white color