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«We are responsible for those who have tamed us.»
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Very soon ends the next summer season. And, as usual, after the summer residents in villages and villages there will be many abandoned animals, which people did not deem necessary or possible to take with them to the city. These poor animals will starve, ache, freeze and die, perhaps from despair, attacking people, or eating each other. And then in the media, we will be discussing violently that a homeless dog has torn a child … There are not enough to eat in the winter patches. You doom the pet to the most painful death – death from hunger. Think about it when you are in a warm apartment, full and satisfied, what it’s like to slowly die of hunger and always wait for your master to come back for you, losing hope every day and hour…

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Therefore, now I want to appeal to those people who do not plan to take the dog or cat with them, so “mercifully” sheltering them for the summer. Surely, you have good reasons – lack of time, a tight apartment, work and so on. But taking a living being without the desire to provide him with a long happy life, you have deprived him of his last chance of survival, since such an animal completely lacks the skills to procure food for himself. You just leave, and the animal will die…

Absolutely any dog ​​or kitty can be your pet and in a city apartment – it’s not difficult to provide a cat tray or a dog walk, or at least try to find a new home for your dacha ward, ask for help from people who Do their best to devote all their free time and energy to this cause. Try to carry out all the necessary procedures before this – a swallowing animal, vaccinate. If you are pregnant or nursing a cat or a dog, sterilize it – this is the best thing you can do for a pet, it’s humane and safe for the health of the animal, and try to arrange the cubs as early as possible, because the kids are disassembled faster. Do not condemn the offspring of an animal to knowingly suffer.

августовский выпуск ЗооафишиAlso, do not give them to neighbors in the country, not knowing their future intentions. Precisely because of irresponsible people who take puppies and kittens for fun for the summer and replenish the rows of stray animals that volunteers do not have time to arrange. Every autumn, volunteers take a lot of cats and dogs abandoned in cottages, but they are not able to find and save everyone, most of the animals die painfully. Therefore, it is very important to change the attitude of people to animals, to take responsibility for the fate of a four-legged friend to the end. And if everyone arranges at least one animal or takes it to his home, then this problem will be more. While you are the owner of a dog or cat, you are responsible for it. So be merciful, not indifferent!

Let the beast believe in you, believe that you are strong and all powerful, because man is the king of beasts and everything in his hands. They say that in relation to the elderly and animals one can judge society, its social status. For example, in no European country there are wandering animals, and we, than we are worse? All of us have been taught since childhood to be kind, to take care of our loved ones and our smaller brothers. But, unfortunately, not everyone takes it into their hearts. As a result of indifference and heartlessness in the streets, many homeless animals – cats and dogs, many of which their owners thrown out onto the street, just because they were bored or suddenly sick, or people just moved to another apartment, and the animals were kicked out of the houses. People ruthlessly get rid of the “offspring” kittens and puppies, throw them into entrances, leave them at bus stops or even worse throw out doomed animals at full speed from the cars. Thus, these “good” people send animals to an imminent death. In the street of helpless animals (as they are also called “ex-homemakers”) a very severe fate awaits: they freeze in cold winter, die of hunger, because they have not learned to take care of themselves, they are killed and eaten by homeless people, they are mocked and killed by the livestock.

How many indifferent people try not to notice and pass by stray animals, brushing aside, justifying themselves that they do not have the opportunity and time … Yes, some homeless animals are lucky, they are picked up, they go to shelters and then find their permanent home and loving Family, but, unfortunately, they are much smaller than poor people deprived of their homes. If you met a kitten or a puppy, do not be afraid to bring it home, even if you have your cat or dog. Diseases do not pass from dogs to cats and vice versa. It is advisable to place it in quarantine in a separate room, feed and observe.

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Of course, it is advisable to show the animal to the veterinarian, but if it is not possible, examine it yourself. What you need to pay attention: Carefully push the hair apart and step by step inspect the entire body, see if there are fleas or ticks, and if there are any abrasions. In the case of detection of fleas, withers should be applied from external parasites, if there are wounds – treat any antiseptic. If a tick is detected, drop a couple of drops of vegetable oil onto it, then carefully remove it with tweezers. Apply anointion to the green. For cats, the tick is not as bad as for dogs. A dog after a tick bite can get pyroplasmosis and without the help of vet help it can die.

Important! The disease is not transmitted to cats and other dogs from a diseased dog. Eyes and nose should be clean, without discharge, if there are signs of inflammation – rinse and apply eye antibiotic ointment or drops. Ears should not have strong contaminants, if any, then, if possible, it is necessary to show the animal to the doctor. Even if the animal is in poor health, do not be afraid to take it, it needs your help even more than healthy. All is treated, and most of the diseases simply love, care and warmth. I know a girl who picked up a kitten, which someone threw in the street to die, whose umbilical cord had not yet withered, he was a couple of days old, and at home he had his thoroughbred cat. She took the kitten for a week to a veterinary hospital, went every day to visit him and to kiss (quote), then took him home and continued to feed herself. Kitty is growing, he is in good hands!

If everything is in order with your new pet, you should proglastonit it and after 10 days take it to the vaccination and then to castrate or sterilize. And, if possible, either keep it or find a loving family. And remember, everything in our lives comes back with even greater interest, a little help will return with great happiness. If you can not take your pet home, help them than you can. Call all friends, shelters who can help you. You can also make donations to the account of charities, shelters. Do not remain indifferent to homeless, abandoned animals that need your help, help, than you can. And most importantly – instill in your children a love for everything living – animals, plants. Teach them to take care of our younger brothers, showing this in their own example, and then our world will become better and kinder, indifference will give way to mercy, for as A. Chekhov said “Indifference is the paralysis of the soul, premature death.”

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