You cannot be a cat owner. Partnership is the best that can be hoped for.

Sir Harry Swanson

The Abyssinian is a very active and playful, but balanced. Very affectionate to people, especially to children. He does not like being alone, gets along well with other pets. This is not a live pillow, this animal is a companion which follows you everywhere and pokes nose into all your Affairs. It has high intelligence, easy to train teams, it brings subjects is accustomed to a leash and loves to ‘talk’. Very inquisitive and takes an active part in all home events and will “help” you in the farm.

If you decide to get a faithful friend who will be responsive to your mood, be put in any situation (after all, they say cats get used more to the house than to the Abyssinians this is not the case),then this cat is for you.

All of our best friends is sure to four feet.


The nature of Abyssinian breed