“Three weapons have a doctor: a word, a plant, a knife.”


Veterinary care for your pet

Check out the veterinarian at the house. We use traditional (allopathic) and alternative (homeopathy, phytotherapy and aromatherapy, acupuncture and electropuncture) methods of treatment.

Range of services:

Therapy (animal examination, diagnostics of diseases and treatment).

  • Laboratory diagnostics (all types of analysis, including genetics).
  • Obstetrics (childbirth).
  • Castration, sterilization.
  • Preventive services (vaccination, treatment against ecto – and endoparasites).
  • Hygienic procedures (nail clipping, plaque removal, ear cleaning, brushing perianalny glands).
  • Advice on feeding, maintenance and care.
  • Advising zoopsychology.
  • Complex maintenance of nurseries.
  • Veterinary drugs (a Drugstore).

Health to You and Your Pets!

Veterinary services of cattery "Nefertee"