“God made the cat in order that man learned what it was like to pet a tiger”

Fernand Mery

Egyptian MauEgyptian Mau is a mysterious and unusual cat breed, they are particularly proud, poise and absolute awareness of their own merits. But do animals, whose ancestors were deities can be different?

Presumably the history of the cat breed Egyptian Mau has more than 3000 years. When compared with ancient frescoes, we can say that the appearance of the modern Mau is very similar to its ancestors. In ancient times they symbolized the gods RA and Bast. Archaeologists in the East of the Saqqara necropolis found cat. In the era of the New Kingdom there was a temple of the goddess Bastet. For a long time scientists studied rock-cut tombs of the nobles, where they found numerous mummies of cats. The Egyptians portrayed the goddess, which was represented by a woman, but with a cat head. Image cats or cat statuettes were given for what would bring the owner love and well-being. And it was believed that the “cat” symbols can protect from dark forces and from evil. Crowds of pilgrims besieged the sanctuary of Bastet. In the Church the peasants often bought mummy cats and gave them to the priests. They were buried in special chambers. It was believed that in the afterlife cats can transmit the requests of the pilgrims. There was even a festival in honor of Bastet.

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